Hanks, a small loud restaurant in Victoria

We are a small place and we serve an ever-rotating selection of great food, bbq, local beers and wine.

We have 18 seats (mostly bar) and aren’t really equipped to handle large groups unfortunately.

Our menu changes pretty regularly so it’s best to pop in…   We are first-come first-serve (no reservations), cozy and we keep the music loud.

WeWehave a pretty great crew of regulars who roll through constantly but welcome everyone so come on down!

Our menu shifts constantly, usually twice a week at least.


Here is our current menu, subject to lots and lots of change pretty much all the time:

We make everything from scratch, possibly to a silly degree.  Our food is not for everyone, but if you like big flavours and trying something new, we are sure you’ll be into what we are up to.

We are open Tuesday-Saturday, from 5 PM – 10PM.

Located at 1001 Douglas St.

We are easy to miss but follow your nose.

Hanks *A Restaurant opened in Victoria BC as “Hanks Untraditional BBQ.” in 2014.  After 2 years and a bit serving lots of BBQ and smoked meats, we decided to expand our repertoire a little bit, and start bringing other “home-cooking” style meals to the table.

While there are still lots of BBQ items, there are also often handmade pasta and gnocchi, steaks, sometimes a salad or two and often some silly appetizers that (we think) taste amazing.

BBQ and smoked meat have always been at the core of what we do, but by bringing some other styles of cooking to the table, we are able to showcase more of the best in local meat and produce, which is always cool.  Most of our business is based on regulars, so changing the menu up all the time is key to the people who drop in – as a result, any of the menus posted online are just examples – be sure and check out our social media accounts for the most current offerings!