1001 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC


5pm – 10pm
5pm – 10pm
5pm – 10pm
5pm – 10pm
5pm – 10pm

Hanks is a small place. we serve an ever-rotating selection of powerfully flavoured dishes, local beers, continental wines and handcrafted cocktails.

Recent Menu

We make everything from scratch, possibly to a silly degree.

Our food is not for everyone, but if you like big flavours and trying something new, we’re sure you’ll be into what we’re up to.

We don’t have a “regular menu”, really. Things change all the time based on seasons and what we can get our hands on, so you might only see something once. Checking our most recent menu will give you an idea of what we will have that night.

There are 18 seats (mostly bar), and we do not take large groups or reservations.

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* We make great food here.